The Beam Sword (ビームソード, bīmu sōdo) is a long-range battering item, similar in appearance to a lightsaber. Available in all four games, it can be wielded and charged for melee attacks or can be thrown, like all other battering items.


The Beam Sword acts as a reference to the lightsaber from the Star Wars film series since 1977, though multiple literary works prior to the series had similar weapons, such as Fritz Leiber's Gather, Darkness from the 1940s. In the original Super Smash Bros., the weapon would make sound effects similar to those found in the actual films, including the famous, distinctive, and sharp crackling noise when two swords collided. While the sound effects were removed in the PAL and American releases of the games, the Japanese release of Melee continued this tradition, and in Brawl, all regions now contain the famous sound effects from the film series. Furthermore, in the latter two games, the Beam Sword's blade could shrink in some animations, furthering the connection between the item and its source.


As a battering item, the beam sword is intended to bolster the player's power, as well as potentially add some options to their game via throwing. An added bonus, however, is that the Beam Sword's range can significantly increase in size when used in Melee and Brawl, particularly in the case of charged smash attacks. In each of its subsesquent appearances, its range has increased, with Brawl's variant of the weapon potentially having thrice the range of its Melee counterpart. The Beam Sword is one of few unusual items Peach can pull out via her Vegetable attack, though the chances of this are slim (1 out of 58 chance). In addition, the behaviour surrounding the event is unorthodox for Brawl; in the first minute of plucking the item, the sword's range is severely decreased, as Peach will use her item throwing animation rather than her standard item swinging animation. After a minute, the item pickup sound will play and the Beam Sword regains its usual properties, though the player can also toss the sword and pick it up again to restore its proper attributes.


Action Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Melee Super Smash Bros. Brawl
A 12% 7% 5%
F-Tilt 18% 11% 7%
Dash 16% 13% 7%
Dash (Peach/Zelda) N/A 23%(13%+10%) 7%
F-Smash 25% 15% - 20% 11 - 15%
F-Smash (C. Falcon) 25% 15% - 14%(5%+9%) 18%(8%+10%) - 26%(11%+15)
F-Smash (Sheik) N/A 14%(5%+9%) - 19%(6%+12%) 23%(11%+12%) - 32%(15%+17%)
F-Smash (Marth, if first swipe connects) N/A 14%(1%+13%) - 20%(1%+19%) 16%(5%+11%) - 23%(7%+16%)
Drop 5% 7% 8% - 10%
Forward tilt throw 15% 12% 11% - 12%
Up tilt throw 16% 10% - 13% 13%
Down tilt throw 13% 8% - 14% 12%
Dash attack throw 19% 9% - 14% 14%
Forward smash throw 19% 10% - 15% 15%
Up smash throw 20% 10% - 17% 16%
Down smash throw 13% 10% - 18% 12% - 16%
Air Drop 13% 8% 10%
Air Forward tilt throw 17% 8% - 12% 12%
Air up tilt Throw 17% 10% - 11% 13%
Air down tilt throw 19% 6% - 14% 10%
Air forward smash throw 19% 7% - 12% 12%
Air up smash throw 20% 2% - 13% 13%
Air down smash throw 20% 6% - 14% 10%


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