Duck Hunt
480px-Duck Hunt SSB4
Universe Duck Hunt
Appears in Super Smash Bros. (Wii U and 3DS)
Debut Duck Hunt (1984)
Availability Unlockable
Duck Hunt Takes Aim!
Introduction tagline.

Duck Hunt, known as Duck Hunt Duo in the European release, which consists of the dog and a duck, along with the gunmen from Wild Gunman, are put together as a newcomer fighter in Super Smash Bros. 4, as confirmed unofficially by a leaker's Twitch stream. Despite having an official name, Mr. Peepers, they still used "Duck Hunt", mostly because the dog isn't a solo character and the name doesn't fits well. Its artwork matches the image of Duck Hunt from a previous leak. Sakurai officially teased a trailer posted on Miiverse on October 22, 2014. The Duck Hunt dog does most of the fighting, with a player using an NES Zapper and the duck as assists. Most moves involve spins, bites, and paw swipes as direct attacks, with objects and gun shots as indirect attacks.

Unlock MethodEdit

To unlock this character, complete one of the following:

  • Complete Classic Mode with 8 characters
  • Play 110 VS. Matches

After completing one of the two methods, Duck Hunt must then be defeated on Battlefield.


The Duck Hunt team consists of multiple units: The dog, the duck, a player with the Zapper who is unseen, and gunmen from Wild Gunman. The dog uses spins and bite attacks for its moves. The duck is used for some tilts and the team's Up Special. The player with the Zapper only appears in five when a smash attack is used and during the team's Neutral and Side B attacks, in which the player shoots the can and clay disk, respectively. Gunmen from Wild Gunman appear in the team's Final Smash and the team's Down B. Despite the character being referred to as "Duck Hunt Duo" in the PAL versions, there are actually three components to the character (four if you count the gunmen).

Moveset Edit

Special Moves Default Custom A Custom B
Neutral Special Trick Shot High Explosive Shot Zigzag Shot
Side Special Clay Shooting Rising Clay Clay Break
Up Special Duck Jump Duck Jump Snag Super Duck Jump
Down Special Wild Gunman Quick Draw Aces Mega Gunman
Final Smash unnamed - -