Ganondorf was unofficially revealed as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. 4 via leaked videos from footage used by ESRB to rate the game. Ganondorf was also accidentally shown in an official video, where he appears outside the boundaries of the screen while Pikachu is taunting, meaning Ganondorf has been shown off twice prior to his official confirmation.

Confirmed informationEdit

  • Ganondorf's neutral attack appears to have greater range, as well as significantly increased speed.
  • Ganondorf's forward tilt and up smash both have significantly decreased ending lag.
  • Ganondorf's neutral aerial is a much faster move overall.
  • Ganondorf appears to dash notably faster.
  • Dark Dive appears to deal much less knockback.

The following moves are visually unchanged:

  • Down smash
  • Down taunt