Greninja is a confirmed newcomer for SSB4. He was confirmed during the Super Smash Bros. Direct along with Yoshi,Sheik,Zero Suit Samus, and Charizard.
File:Super Smash Bros. Charizard and Greninja Announcement Trailer


Ground AttacksEdit


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Aerial AttacksEdit

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Grabs and ThrowsEdit

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Standard Special Move: Water Shuriken - The move consists of Greninja concentrating Water energy shaped into a shuriken, charging and then releasing to the attack. Greninja can also throw smaller uncharged shurikens that have minimal start up lag (according to D1 during the Smash Invitational). The shuriken is thrown very fast, and because it is a multi-hit attack, hits an opponent repeatedly, trapping him/her if it connects. It is similar to Mewtwo's Shadow Ball and Lucario's Aura Sphere. Like Lucario's Aura Sphere, the Water Shuriken travels in a straight line (it also does so even when releasing uncharged shots).

Side Special Move: Shadow Sneak - Greninja disappears in a cloud of smoke and respawns elsewhere on the screen, similar to Sheik's Vanish. If the player press and hold the button, Greninja will move a greater distance. It is also possible to move Greninja freely while charging up.

Up Special Move: Aqua Jet - This is Greninja's recovery move. Similar to Pikachu's Quick Attack, Greninja is able to shoot himself upwards and make a second turn to go upwards. The difference is that he shoots water from below, which might deal damage. It is also not as fast as Quick Attack.

Down Special Move: Substitute - Greninja's counter attack move, where he will summon a substitute to take his hit, teleporting out of the attack, while he himself will re-appear behind the substitute, dashing towards the opponent with a kick, similar to Lucario's Double Team attack.

Final Smash: Night Slash - As seen in the trailer, Greninja will send the opponent into the sky and the release a barrage of slashes from different angles to them in the moonlight of the sky. He finishes with a powerful ending blow. This Final Smash is a Trapping type. As seen in the invitational, this Final Smash starts up when an opponent is hit by a mat that Greninja puts down (this is its signature move from the games, 'Mat Block).