Pac-Man (パックマン, Pakkuman) has been confirmed to be a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. 4, revealed on June 10th on Nintendo of America's Twitter account. His abilities involve throwing fruits at other fighters and eating power pellets, along with basic punching and kicking abilities for close-range moves. While Pac-Man is introduced in his classic "wedge" shape, within the game he mostly takes his 3D "ball" form that appeared in game cabinet artwork and advertising but first appeared in-game in the Japanese version of Pac-Land.

Known movesEdit

  • A move where he summons 8-bit fruit and classic Namco items, characters, and enemies.
  • A move where he transforms into his ball form and uses a trampoline, possibly an up special.
    • The trampoline bounces three times, changing colors from green to yellow, and then to red. This could be a reference from another Namco game, Mappy.
  • A move where he turns into his ball form and chomps on a chain of pac-dots. The player appears to be able to control the path of the dots, therefore controlling the direction of the move.
  • A moves here he spawns a Fire Hydrant that shoots water. It can also be launched with an attack into players.
  • A jab consisting of two punches followed by a kick.
  • His up air appears to be the aerial flip kick from Pac-Man World 2.
  • Turns into his ball form and dashes forward, possibly a dash attack.
  • Two moves that spawn 8-bit ghosts.
  • A chargeable attack that spawns an 8-bit ghost on top of him, possibly an up smash.
  • A move, most likely a directional final smash, where Pac-Man turns into a giant 2-D version of his 8-bit form and goes straight forward.
  • He seems to have items from other Namco games such as Galaga, Galaxian, Mappy, Dig Dug, and Xevious.
  • Pac-Man can wall-jump.




  • He is noted within the trailer for being, along with Mr. Game & Watch, among the oldest characters in the game, first appearing in 1980 (earlier than Mario's debut in Donkey Kong).