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aka Red Pik

  • My occupation is having jobs
  • Evil Little Q

    smash bros

    August 30, 2014 by Evil Little Q

    I Can't to Play Smash in HD and Smash in a Handheld

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  • Evil Little Q

    Alternate Skins

    August 21, 2014 by Evil Little Q
    • Wii Fit Trainer (Female) Male Costume
    • Little Mac: Wireframe, Sweatshirt, World Circuit
    • Villager: All Face Styles from all the Games of Animal Crossing
    • Mario: Ice, Fire, Wario Palette, Nes Golf
    • Bowser: Brown, Dark Green, (posiend)
    • Rosalina: White Mage Palette
    • Link: Skyward
    • Samus: Light Suit and Other Suits
    • Pit: Orange (Replacing Dark)
    • Robin (Male): Female

    • Kirby: Hats
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  • Evil Little Q

    Leared How to Unlock Him He's a Semi Clone

    the unlock will in all star style

    1: Play Smash

    2: Smash Run

    3: Classic Without Losing Lives

    • Bowser vs Little Mac Vs Lucario Vs Pac Man (After Unlocking Him)
    • Villager Vs Game and Watch (After Unlocking Him) Vs Zelda Vs Sheik
    • Ness Vs Link Vs Peach Vs Mario
    • Midbus Vs Donkey Kong Vs Lucas Vs Lucina
    • Mario Vs Bowser
    • Mario vs Luigi (By Seeing the Foe) (Final Match Battle)
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